To focus on goals required a lot of effort, hard-working and the right approaching methods.

And having goals in life is an indispensable part of being successful.

If we don’t have the goals to achieve, we will get lost on the life journey when we don’t know what should we do and expect from it.

For me, the journey to find out my life goals and achieve them is the best gift that I can have in my life. It helps me to feel fulfilled and have more energy to work on myself every single day to reach my goals.

Normally, if it takes time for us to find which goal we want to achieve in life in one hour, we will need around 10 hours at least to execute and make the goal comes true. It means that the time to make the goal really happen in life is far more than the time for us to figure out which goal we want to achieve.

And it has a reality that most of us have goals, but many will never completed it.

The problem is not about how big your goal is, the real problem is about how you take action to make your goal come true. And to do this, it requires you to really “laser-focus” on your goal to make it happen.

The question about “How to laser-focus on goal to achieve it?” is my biggest question for a long time that lead me to try to work on many different methods, reading a lot of articles, analyses about how to achieve goals to figure out the best answer for myself.

And after 4 years from the time I figure out the best technique to create the laser-focus for any goal I set in my life, I believe that now is the best time for me to share this technique with you.

Because I have a strong belief that if we all know how to laser-focus on the wanted goal, we can achieve it easier and faster than we expected. And knowing a great technique to help us strengthen the “laser-focus” ability is an integral part to make the goal comes true.

In summary, the technique that I use to focus on goals can call “One–Six–Three” (1–6–3).

It means that:

Only have one focus goal at one time, every day commits to complete maximum six important tasks that help you to achieve this goal firstly in a day; and optimize it all in the first three productive hours of the day.

It will be a little bit vague for you when just reading this summary technique for the first time without knowing the meaning inside it. So let me clarify the meaning of this technique.

1. Let talk about the number “ONE” first in “focus on goals”.

This Technique Helps Me to Laser-Focused on Goals
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It means that at once time, let set up for yourself only one biggest goal. And this is the way how I have always approached my goals in the last 4 years.

So while only has one goal, why don’t we choose two or three at the same time, if we are the kind of people who can do multitasks?

Well, that’s fine if you want to do multitask, but if you want to achieve your goal faster in a more effective way, you need to just focus on one goal.

Because when you do two or three goals at the same time, it means that you need to divide your time and energy into two or three areas.

While we all have the same 24 hours in a day, and if you have 3 big goals to achieve in a month that required you to pay attention daily to them. It means that you will spend around 3 hours per day on each goal (For example that every day you will work for 9 hours to achieve your goals — Let think about your work as an entrepreneur).

But when you just have one big goal need to achieve, and you still have 9 hours a day to work on it. It means in just 10 days, you already can create the same results as you need to do in a month when you have 3 goals to try at the same time.

By doing this, you already save 20 days to work on your goal and also can pay full attention to this goal only. As the scientists have found out that this full attention will help you to come up with better solutions for the tasks you need to do to achieve this specific goal.

Because you are totally focused on only one thing at a time, so your brain will be sharped to solve any problems related to this goal in more effective ways.

2. Meaning of number “SIX” in the technique in “focus on goals”.

It means that we will set up our daily tasks to a maximum of six vital tasks for a day to help you prepare better in achieving your big goal.

Firstly, we need to understand that achieving the goal is a process, it will take a few weeks, a few months, or even a few years for you to achieve your goal — depending on how big it is.

Therefore, your ability to focus on goals during this journey is very important.

But it will require the daily commitment to do the small tasks to achieve this big goal. And it is also the priority factor to decide if you can make your goal come true or not.

The reason why I choose a maximum of just 6 tasks a day to focus on is because of several following reasons:

a. Fewer tasks lead to more focus and reduced stress:

When you have more than 6 important tasks in a day, it is too much for your day and makes you feel overwhelming. However, when you have less than 6 tasks a day, you become more concentrated on doing the tasks while still feel enjoying your day.

b. Boost the motivation to complete tasks: 

I used to play with 20 tasks a day to complete. And it makes me feel so crazy at that time because I rarely can complete all the tasks in a day and move them to the next day.

  • Because when you have so many tasks to do, you feel like you can relax a little bit and leave it to the next day. And it used to lose my motivation to complete my tasks for a long period of time before I can change the way to work more effectively with fewer tasks.

c. Figure out what really makes sense for your day: 

When I have the limitation of 6 important tasks a day. I know that I need to pay more attention to choosing what really makes sense for my day to do.

Instead of based on my feelings to choose, now, I will base on my mind to consider really carefully to choose the important tasks to complete.

3. The meaning of the number “THREE” in “focus on goals”.

It means that we will spend 3 productive hours in the morning to complete all the most important tasks for a day.

Following researchers, in general, people have the peak productive time around 8 a.m to 2 p.m. During this time, you can fully focus on the task and create double or triple results compared to the other times.

For me, my peak time is a little bit early, it is normally from 8 a.m to 11 a.m. This is the time that I feel most fresh and have a lot of energy to work on the hard tasks.

So during this time, I will focus on solving from 3 to 6 most important tasks in a day. Three are the minimum tasks I need to finish while six is the maximum I will plan to do at this peak time.

However, for the important tasks but consuming a lot of time as writing or making video content, if I just work in 3 hours, it is not enough time to create a proper product. Therefore, during peak time, instead of trying to write 1 or 2 blogs, I will spend time planning ideas and drafting the content carefully.

Figure out the outline of contents and make sure to have all the vital points that will be mentioned in my stories is my important task during this time. And after that, I will write or make videos later in the day.

The technique “1–6–3” creates a great impact on my life because it helps me to be more concentrated on doing the things that create real value for me.

In our life nowadays, with a lot of distractions surrounding us, it is very easy to get lost in our minds and forget about the things that really important to focus on. Therefore, learning how to focus on goals, then achieve them by doing selective tasks during peak time helps me to do everything better and achieve my goal faster.

Let try it out by yourself to feel how it works for you to laser-focus on your present goal. And I love to hear your story when you try this method that helps your life to be better.

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