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“The Millionaire Booklet: How to Get Super Rich” is a book that I read recently from Grant Cardone.

For me, this is a great book to learn about the mindset of successful people I have read in this year 2020. And there are so many valuable things that I learn from him, Grant Cardone.

As I used to watch many of his Youtube videos about sale motivations and business lessons, I want to say that his tones, the ways to approach problems, and sharing the solution are very engaged and inspired.

But the contents in his books, even more, inspired me and let me gain more valuable lessons than I expected. Maybe because I’m the kind of person who loves to read and imagine or could be because the contents themselves are so great with real take-away lessons that I can get into.

And in this book, he has presented 8 valuable lessons that can make someone from the average to the millionaire that I believe it is super valuable for me to approach and follow.

So I write this story as a part of sharing what I learned from his book and saving it for myself to re-read again frequently to remind me what I need to do to achieve my millions goal.

1. Millionaire Mindset

Millionaire Mindset
Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

One of the most important lessons that Grant Cardone mentioned at the beginning of his book is “The Millionaire Mindset”.

As you want to achieve the things you want in life, you need to have the right mindset to get it. This is the advantage of human beings, we are not limited to achieving anything we want in life except when our mindset is limited.

In his book, he mentioned that the way how to achieve anything in life is just simply to go through 3 periods:

(1) Goal, (2) Target, (3) Commitment to do it.

It means that we need to have a clear goal about what we really want to achieve in life. Because if you even can’t clear what you want, how can you really get it?

And in the case of being a millionaire, the main goal is making 1 million dollars to be a millionaire. That’s what you really need to focus on.

Then, after having a goal to do, we need to have a target to achieve this goal. So if you want to be a millionaire in the next 12 months, what is your target in each of the following months? What should you do and don’t do during this time?

The targets look like the “small achievements” that we try to achieve during the journey to the destination of being a millionaire.

You need to have small achievements to boost your energy, enthusiasm, and willpower frequently in this long-term game.

Because it looks like your fuel to keep you on your marathon track.

And a “commitment to do it” is a compulsory factor. Anything in life you can achieve when you commit to doing it until the end, and it also can’t achieve if you just work halfway and stop it.

Your commitment decides your outcome!

And in the lesson about “Millionaire Mindset”, Grant Cardone also emphasizes the role of understanding the limiting beliefs in your problem.

Because many people are living with a belief that their ability is limited and their ability to succeed stands at a certain level.

But what Grant Cardone confirms is

Success is not limited

Everyone can go to a higher level than they are standing now if they have the right mindset and belief in their ability. We all can do the things we are doing right now in a better way and create a better result.

“When you change your belief. You will change your behaviors, and the results you get will also change” — Grant Cardone.

2. Millionaire Map

Seeing is believing — Ask what does it really take to make one million dollars

If you want to be a millionaire, you can’t just think about a million and wish that one day you will get one.

How do you make a million dollars?
Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash

What you really need is real action and calculation.

The clearer map you have for yourself to earn a million will help your road to achieve this goal be easier and more achievable.

For example, if you have a product that has a profit is $100 per unit, it means that you need to sell 10,000 products to have your first million dollars. But if you change your profit margin in different ways, you will have different ways to approach your first million-dollar, like:

  • 200$/Unit =>5,000 products => 1 million
  • 1000$/Unit => 1,000 product => 1 million
  • 5000$/Unit => 200 products => 1 million

So when you have a millionaire map, you will know exactly how long it takes and what you need to do to achieve this goal.

Instead of having no map, you will get lost in your journey to be a millionaire as the way you get lost in the forest without a compass.

3. Who’s got your money

Money doesn’t self-destroy, it just moves from one hand to another hand.

And the concept of “Who’s got your money” means that you need to understand who is your target clients? Who will be ready to spend their money on you and your product/service?

When we can clarify this group, it is time that we need to clarify how we can create a valuable service or product that this group of users wants and is ready to pay you for it.

Having the right target customer group helps you to sell your products or services to them easier and faster.

Therefore, it helps to shorten your journey to earn your million dollars in a more effective way.

4. Increase your income

make me a millionaire
Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

Not saving or investing, what you really need is to increase your income if you want to get 1 million dollars faster and more sustainable.

For example, if you are a salesperson, what you really need to earn your million dollars quicker is selling more products to more clients.

Or if you are a personal trainer, you can increase your income when you have more clients who register for your course.

You must increase your income if you want to achieve more, a stable income is good for feeding yourself and your family. But increasing your income is the thing that makes you rich.

And not only increase the volume of your income, but you can also increase your income by multiple sources of income. For this technique, I will clarify more in detail in the following lesson from this book.

But one important note is:

“Don’t risk your main income when you move to the 2nd source of income.”

You are still not sure and need to feed yourself and your family. So do carefully.

Let start to apply this lesson to your life by asking yourself this question:

What will you do to increase your income this month?

5. Stay broke

One of the biggest mistakes that many people are doing when their income increases are spending more money on their personal demands.

As Grant Cardone said

“Earning more doesn’t mean you need to spend more.”

When you earn more and you keep spending more, it means that you will waste more rather than get more from your improving income.

For example: If you are making $50,000/year and spending at $35,000/year. It means that you still have $15,000 in your savings.

And one day, when your income increases up to $100,000/year. Now you think you are in the upper-middle class, so you should have a nicer car, a bigger house, or one more vacation per year with your lover.

Yes, that’s all right and many people also do the same things as you want to do. But now, your spending is not that $35,000/year, it moves up to $95,000/year for adding one more luxury vacation, a bigger house with a new BMW car.

So actually, now in your savings, you are having $5,000 after a year of working at a $100,000 position.

You will not be a millionaire by doing in this way.

It’s not about how much you make but all about how much you can keep.

Earning more and keeping it with you rather than spending without controlling is the way how you become richer and go faster on your millionaire journey.

6. Save only to invest

This is the point that Grant Cardone encourages everyone to follow.

If you just save money with the purpose to save for your rainy day or having a vacation by sending it to the bank, you will not leverage your money.

And the rich people all know that financial freedom comes when you can leverage your money, not from waiting for the low interest from the bank that pays you yearly.

By saving money and investing it in the business, or the things that can bring more money for you. You will get more income and can easily enjoy all your demands about luxury things later.

But first, let use the money to leverage your investment.

7. Multiple flows of Incomes

how to become a millionaire overnight
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

As I have mentioned before in the 5th lesson, increasing your income is very important on the journey to get your first million-dollar. And having multiple flows of income will help you feel safe and free in your financial decision.

So, let start to collect as much stream of income as you can. You can create the second, third,… source of income as you want.

What you really need to do is put more effort, energy, and time to work on the ways how you can do it effectively.

8. Repeat, Reinforce, and Hyperfocus

The last but not least lesson that Grant Cardone teaches me in his book is “repeat, reinforce, and hyperfocus” from all the 7 mentioned steps.

The more you practice doing these lessons in your real life, the better you can “play” with your millionaire game and the faster result that you will get.

And one thing that Grant Cardone emphasizes in his book is always to keep learning and growing yourself by reading, self-education, learn from successful people and mentors.

Because the mindset of a $100k person is different from the mindset of 1 million; and the mindset of 1 million is very different from the mindset of 10 million.

So if you want to have your first million, you need to start to get into the mindset of a millionaire.

If you want to read more about personal finance topics, let check it out at “Wiki Personal Finance”.


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How to become an entrepreneur? This is you need the spirit of BETA to be a real entrepreneur.

A beta fish under the water, an entrepreneur who starts his own journey to build his business.

Two look like can’t be related to but actually are very connected.

When you look at an entrepreneur, you can see an image of a person who desires to turn his idea into a real business, to create something that brings value to the market.

A person who is very goal-oriented but normally goes alone on his own journey to achieve the goal.

And the more success he/she has, the more loneliness he/she can be.

While a beta, a combatant under the water, is also a kind of fish that is very competitive. If it finds out its goal — the rival, it will never stop to chase to attack until being the winner.

And it is also a kind of fish which is famous for living alone on its life journey (except when it needs to make birth for a new generation).

For me, as a person who starts my own entrepreneur journey for a year (not too long but also not too short), and having a passion for this kind of fish — beta. I recognized that between beta and an entrepreneur actually have a lot of common points that we can’t imagine.

And there are many lessons from the beta that an entrepreneur likes me (and you) can learn from it to achieve more success on our entrepreneurship journey.

1. The spirit of never quitting until you achieve your final goal.

If you have seen a battle of beta, you will see that the beta will never quit even if it has serious injuries (until the owner stops the battle to save its life).

This is the spirit of a real combatant and what a real entrepreneur needs to have.

Because being an entrepreneur means that you will start everything from zero. You take a new opportunity to work on but also have a lot of risks are waiting for you.

And if you easily quit because of the problems that happen to you during this journey, you hard to become a real successful entrepreneur.

For someone, their entrepreneur journey can be easier than yours, maybe they just need a few months to a year to establish and make the profits from their investment.

But for many entrepreneurs, the journey to make an idea to be profitable can take several years to start earning the first dollar.

And the spirit of “Never quit until wins” of beta is what you must have if you are having a big dream with your idea.

And in reality, there are more than 90% of startups failed in their first 5 years which one of the common reasons is the entrepreneur doesn’t have enough passion to follow his/her dream.

This absolutely can happen with you if you are an entrepreneur (or on the way to being) who has a great idea that made you feel excited for days. But when you think about a longer journey (can be years), you start to feel vague, nervous and have an unsure feeling.

And you must spend time for yourself to think if you can adopt that spirit of beta or not. If you believe you can, let keep going on your entrepreneur journey. But if you think you can’t, let be a staff who works from 9–5 instead of trying to be an entrepreneur.

Except in the case that you don’t have yet but you really passionate to learn about this spirit — the spirit of “Never quit until wins” from beta. You can start to learn and practice it first then start your entrepreneur journey.

Until you can own this spirit, you can feel confident to walk on your entrepreneurial journey. If not, keep working on it until you get it. Then, let startup.

2. Stick with your goal, but be ready to adapt to rapid changes in your environment.

I have a few betas at home and normally let them practice fighting around every two or three weeks.In the last couple of weeks, when I let my betas fight together, I also try an experiment with them to see how good “my combatants” perform. The idea of this experiment is I will let two of them fight together in a small bottle for around 5 minutes. Then I put both of them immediately in a bigger pot (5 times bigger than that bottle) to observe how they will fight in a bigger environment.

The result doesn’t make me disappointed.

My combatants just get less than 1 minute to familiar with the bigger pot before starting fighting again for up to the next 10 minutes (actually I need to stop them because betas already have injuries. And if I don’t stop them, they will fight until die).

It’s just a fun experiment to see how good my betas are without the idea to use for my story on medium.

And yesterday, when I thought about the entrepreneurship topic that I’m going to write about, the image of betas and the battle appear immediately in my mind.

This ability of beta in adapting to a new environment while keeping its focus on the battle makes me immediately connect with a very important character of the entrepreneur:

“Stick with the goal but can adapt rapidly with the change of the environment”.

Because when you are an entrepreneur, you start everything from zero while don’t know which way will be the best way to go or what can happen on the market for a small startup like you.

So if you don’t have the ability to adapt and change rapidly with the change of the environment, you are making your journey to be successful as an entrepreneur to be harder.

And in the study about the reasons why startups failed, two of the biggest reasons also related to the weak ability to adapt to the changes in the environment and business situation of entrepreneurs.

When you start up, your business is still very small and flexible to adjust.

Therefore, if you just try to keep a fixed way to approach the market and do your business in traditional ways, you will lose your advantage of flexibility as a startup.

However, there is one thing you always need to be fixed, this is your final goal for this business.

This is the soul of your company, the point that makes your company different and can create massive results later on.

Let remember about the beta, it always focuses on its rival and the battle even when it be rapidly changed to the bigger environment.

Final thought

There are many lessons from nature that we can apply to life and business.

The lessons from the beta fish are just a part of many lessons I learned from nature that help me to understand more about the life and the entrepreneur journey I’m going on.

You can just spend a few more minutes a day observing the environment surrounding you or even the life of your pet, you can find out many “Ah-ha” moments from nature for you to apply to the business and your life.

Like the lessons about entrepreneurship from beta fish, if I always try to make myself busy (a thing that most of the new entrepreneur tries to do) and don’t have just a few minutes to observe the betas, I will never find out the strong connection about them with the spirit of being an entrepreneur.

And if you ready to be an entrepreneur, let be ready to be a strong “beta” in this world.

If you want to read more about business topics, let check it out at “Wiki Business”.


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This is a blog in series Wiki Business that shares insights about the business topic, and today I love to share the story about how to build wealth from the richest man in my town to you.

Being a millionaire from zero is the same way as you play the snowball. You start with a tiny snowball then roll it more and more until it becomes a massive snowball that you never ever imagine before.

It makes you feel extremely happy and amazed about your ability to make the tiny snow turn into the big snowball when you are a kid.

And when you grow up, if you can turn your “zero starting point” into multi-million dollars and help to change the life of thousands of people, how do you think it will look like?

The person who is the main character in this story is Mr. D (I don’t show his full name as he wants to keep a secret about his identity), the richest man in my hometown for the last 10 years.

A person with the value of the assets is approx. US$ 50 million dollars right now (and nearly US $ 100 million dollars before the pandemic); the CEO of the company with more than 3000 staff; and in the list of top 60 richest men on the stock market in Vietnam.

It’s not about bragging, what I want to do is show you how wealthy he is before sharing with you your five valuable lessons he taught me about how to be wealthy and have a happy life.

Before we start to figure out how this mand build wealth, I want to share you something firstly:

If you don’t know a lot about the Vietnam market yet, the average monthly income per capita in Vietnam in 2019 is just around US$ 200 per month, and if a normal Vietnamese person wants to earn $US 1M, it will take this person around 416 years to achieve.

Therefore, having US$ 50 million in Vietnam somehow can be considered as you have billion dollars in America.

And I am lucky to know him for many years even before he is known as the richest man in my hometown because his family is my family’s friend.

Therefore, I have many chances to meet him in real life and learn a lot of valuable lessons from him, especially about the way how he develops himself to achieve this level of success.

In the following parts, I will share with you about five biggest lessons that I learned from him during the last 10 years, from the time he just has around US$ 100 thousand dollars in the bank account until now, when he owns more than US$ 50 million dollars.

No. 1 to build wealth: 30 minutes rule — Always come early than others

This is the lesson I learned from him when I have a chance to join in an international event with him and his family.

In this event, he is the main sponsor who sponsored nearly US$ 70,000 for just a half-day event back in 2015. This is a huge amount of money at that time, and now still.

On that day, I still remember that we come around 45 minutes early when no guest comes yet.

At that time, I was very curious when seeing he comes too early while he is the most important person in this event — I mean, if he comes later, it still be OK.

And because I used to join in many seminars and meetings before where I saw many V.I.P guests normally come up just on time or can be late for minutes. Everyone still needs to wait and no one complains if the V.I.P comes late.

So when I see Mr. D coming nearly one hour before the event start, I feel really curious and ask him the reason why he decides to come so early when still no guests come yet, and just a few set-up staff are working.

Then, he smiled and told me that

If I come late, it means I don’t respect the time of others. And as a businessman, the time is the money and the reputation for me.

And if I come early, like today, I still have more than a half-hour to prepare for my speaking and if anyone comes early and wants to talk with me, I still can give them a few minutes to talk. If I come late, I can’t.

And I also have a “30 minutes rule” that I will come at least 30 minutes before any important event. So it helps me to reduce the risk of getting a traffic jam or feel hurried up when come late.

Anthony (my name), if you want to be a successful businessman, you also need to learn this lesson. Never late and keep for yourself at least 30 minutes in advance.

From that moment, I recognize a very important lesson about doing business. It’s not just about which position you are standing in this society, but it is more about the way how you treat others and use your time wisely.

As the way Mr. D came early on that day, he had time to practice his speech twice before the event started while still having time to make a couple of conversations with other guests, and received several calls to solve the business problems remotely.

And this is a great lesson that any of us can learn from him, about how to arrange the timeline.

When you can set up your time to come early on the important events for a half-hour at least, it helps you have more time to prepare for your speech or make friends with others that maybe can lead to a new business opportunity for you(who knows).

Another important point is you will feel safe and not hurry, the feeling that you can’t have if you are late or on time and worried that many people are waiting for you.

No. 2 to build wealth: Being a good listener and always smile

I learned this lesson when Mr.D joined in an evening dinner with my family, I asked him this question

“Mr.D, what do you think the most important character that I should have to be a successful businessman?”.

He told me

If you want to be a successful businessman, the first and most important is you need have is

“Being a good listener and always smile”.

This is the shortest answer about how to build the wealth that I used to hear.

I thought that maybe he will give me a long form of the lesson about it, but didn’t. However, when he explained to me the reason why he says like that, I think he’s right and that’s more than enough for me to start with.

As he explained, being a good listener is a very important skill because when we listen to others, it means that we are learning more about that person, that project.

But when we spend too much time talking, it means that we give out the information, knowledge to others. And we don’t get anything new into our minds.

And in the business, the more you know about your partners and projects, the more ability for you have to win and make an impact.

Moreover, the idea of always smiling is because when you smile, people can feel you are an easy-to-connect person. So, they will want to spend more time with you and feel safe when doing that.

But when your face is serious, people will feel scared and nervous when talking with you and don’t want to share all their thoughts, their feelings with you.

If you work with the partners or your staff, and you can’t create a safe and comfortable feeling for them to share. You will fail to understand them and work with them effectively to create success.

Let check this blog if you want to know more about “3 important things that make you be a great listener”.

No. 3 to build wealth: Being a father in the family, not being a boss.

“Never being a boss in your family, let be a lovely daddy”

This is what Mr. D tells me when we talked about the balance between working and family life.

“A very important indicator to show how wealthy a person is”, he said.

Following him, a really successful and wealthy person is someone who has a happy life with a big bank account, if you lack one of them, you can’t be considered as a fully successful and wealthy person.

As he said, being a leader who has the authority to control more than 3000 people is an interesting job but not easy, and many times, you need to make the hard decision as a leader to adjust the small groups of people to consolidate the belief of the massive group.

“In the company, you can do it, and most of the time, it works.” — Mr. D said

But when you try to use the boss trait in your house, with your wife and your kids, it doesn’t make sense or even can make your family get into trouble if you use too much of authority power.

Because your kid will love, admire and collaborate with you to do the things you want them to do as you are their lovely daddy, not because you are a boss who can fire them if they do not follow your demands.

So if you want all the things in your small family to go well and be your strong foundation for you to achieve more goals in life, make sure to be a really good and lovely daddy, husband instead of being a boss in your own family.

No. 4 to build wealth: Think carefully before promising anything, and if you promise, you need to do it.

This is the character that any leader who wants to have outstanding success needs to have

Keeps your promise.

“And if you don’t make sure 100% that you can do it, don’t promise it.”

Mr.D taught me.

Because your promise presents for your personal character to others. And if you can’t keep your promise, you appear in others’ minds as an untrustful person who they can’t believe and trust.

“As a leader, a CEO who has authority with more than 3000 people directly and thousands family’s life indirectly. I need to commit to do all my promise if I talked, especially with my staff.

Sometimes, it’s very tough, but it is necessary to keep the promise that helps me to build trust with others” — Mr. D said.

For me and you, maybe we don’t have that big authority to thousands of people. But being a trustworthy person is a character that we can learn and need to practice to make it become ourselves.

Because the more success you have, the more trustworthy you need to be.

No. 5 to build wealth: Never stop learning, the more you learn, the more you can earn

This lesson is actually not from what Mr. D directly taught me. This is what I know from his wife, a great woman who behinds his success when she shared with me about the habit of Mr.D for years, this is self-learning.

On the 2nd floor in his house, he has owned a library with hundreds of books that he keeps reading for years every evening for at least an hour.

And when I come to visit his house, many times I visited his library, where not only books about business topics but also a lot of books from different topics such as politics, economics, cultures, history of countries that he owns.

The habit of learning every day and has owned a library in the house is the thing that I see in common of many successful people such as Gary Vee, Jim Kwik, Warren Buffet,…

The advantage of this habit is helping you to keep learning and growing your mindset, the main factor that will decide your success.

With just a few bucks, you already can have the mindset of successful people by buying and reading their books. It is so cheap compared to having a meal outside or treating your friends to coffee, but the value of it is outstanding for your success.

And this is a habit that if you can keep and grow daily, doesn’t matter how old you are, it will benefit you in your whole life game.

As Mr. D, now, he is around 60 years old and still keeps this reading habit every single day for years.

So there is no limitation for you when keeping this habit if you think you are too young or too old to start to build the habit of reading and learning every day.

Final thought

I know that this story is a very personal story when I share about a specific person that I know in my life. Normally, I don’t write in this way.

But the valuable lessons that Mr.D taught me about how to build wealth and I self-observed and learned from him give me more motivation to create this story to share with you.

Because I believe that these lessons can in some way help you like the way it helps me to grow myself and be a better version every single day on the journey to be a millionaire.

If you can dream, and put the hard work, then know the right lessons from the right people at the right time.

Any dream you have, as I do, will become true!


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The apple value increases rapidly during the pandemic, and there are so many secret sauces that you can figure out from the business aspect for this case.

Source image: New York Times

Apple reaches $1 trillion in value in 8/2018, 42 years after its founding.

And at the beginning of the pandemic, the value of the company falls down to under $1 trillion in the middle of March before going to double to $2 trillion on Wednesday 19/08/2020.

Everything just happens in 21 weeks.

So actually, what happened that makes this company gain massive value during this tough time — in the middle of a pandemic — when thousands of other companies declared bankruptcy?

This is a big question that I wondered about myself a lot after I read the news about the value of Apple getting over $2 trillion last week.

And it encouraged me to do tons of research about this company and figure out 3 very interesting lessons about how this company can reach that big size to share with you in my Wiki Business blog series.

1. Diversity the Products

When you think about Apple, you have more than iPhone to talk about.

The company, founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, that have many decades of innovation with a lot of popular items as the Macintosh Computer, The iPod, Macbook, Ipad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, App Store, and even the streaming services for movies, news, and TV programs.

Photo by AB on Unsplash

The variety of products help this brand to build an ecosystem surrounding it. An extreme advantage that doesn’t many companies have and help the customers keep buying and using more frequently the products of Apple.

When I recognize this, I look back to my room to see what I have from Apple. And even I’m not tech-savvy, I see myself are using a lot of stuff from Apple and paid for this brand a lot.

From the iPhone that I used which Apple Store installed to the Macbook Air I use to work and entertainment, to the earphone from this brand, Ipad, and the Apple Watch. It looks like Apple covers most of the needs for me (and many people) from the working, entertainment, healthcare (with Apple Watch) demands.

This strategy makes the brand to be an integral part of many people, including me, and encourages our loyalty with the brand to be stronger.

2. Using stock buyback strategy

This is the strategy that Apple did for years when using its own money to buy its stocks.

Having $200 billion in cash with a net-cash balance (after debt) of roughly $100 billion, Apple is knowns as one of the companies that have the biggest cash piles in America that can use to play the game “buyback stock” that others smaller companies can’t do.

Following the NYTimes, from the time when the company reaches $1 trillion in value, it has “returned $175.6 billion to shareholders, including $141 billion in stock buybacks”.

And also “repurchased more than $360 billion of its own shares since 2012, by far the most of any company, and has announced plans to spend at least tens of billions of dollars more on Apple stock”.

It helps to reduce the risks of stocks falling down when the company can play a significant role as the stock buyer to maintain the stability of the stock price on the market.

3. The positive impact of COVID 19

The pandemic makes people value tech stocks higher than normal.

When the COVID 19 just exploded, Apple stock also falls down rapidly as a result of the global stock market being impacted (The S&P 500 dropped 7% in March) to lower than $1 trillion in the middle of March.

But Apple and many other big names such as Tesla, Amazon quickly gain value back when the investors expected more from the growth of these companies.

One of the key reasons is the demands of users for the apps, tech products, and digital/remote services increase rapidly during the quarantine time when everyone stays at home and just can connect with the world by the internet and online services.

Moreover, the lockdown from pandemics leads to thousand of Apple stores being virtual. It helps the brand can save a huge amount of money that needs to spend for locations, manager fees while just needing to focus on online retails.

For Apple, the pandemic actually brings more benefits rather than issues for this brand.

And the clearest evidence is just in 21 weeks, this brand already can increase its value double to $2 trillion dollars and become the world’s most valuable company

Take away from apple value lessons:

For me, after doing the research about the way how Apple works so well during the pandemic and grow the value rapidly.

There are several takeaway lessons that I can learn from Apple about how to build up a massive success, especially in the struggle time as this COVID 19 pandemic.

  • The diversity in products and services created an ecosystem for users.

  • The Buyback stock strategy.

  • COVID 19 impacts on the investment decision of investors (More demands on the tech blue-chip company that makes stock prices soared).

  • The reduction in physical stores helps to reduce fees while online retail to be more thrive.

This is a great example for any company to see the opportunity in a tough circumstance.

It means that if you have the right way to approach and a good strategy to develop and market, even the hardest time you face, you still can make it to be the most profitable time.

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5 Places Your Money Needs To Go Every Month

To make your life to be SAFE and WEALTHY.  You must know these 5 good ways to spend money and how to put it in when you receive your budget salary.  

The way you work with your budget will decide who you are and how rich you can be.

Everyone wants to be good at budgeting and saving, but it doesn’t mean that anyone can be.

Nowadays, we hear people talk a lot about how to earn passive income; how to budget salary better, how to save and invest money, etc.

And after years learn and experience about earning money, I recognize that

If you are serious about money, it will be serious with you back.

But if you don’t care about it, it will never care about you.

When you know the good ways to spend money appropriately, it can create a massive uplift for yourself. But when you don’t learn to put it at the right place and the right time, you will get in trouble with your money. 

Understanding WHAT and WHY you should separate your money into different accounts will help you to master your ability to control the money and make the money itself create more income for you!

And here is the list of 5 good ways to spend money wisely that I figured out for myself after a couple of years of working.

Good ways to spend money No.1: Your Retirement Fund. 

Take a part of your income into this fund even before you receive a salary. It will help you to save for your future life.

If you live in America, you will be familiar with the 401K fund. If you live in Vietnam, you will be familiar with the thing called “Retirement Fund” where your money will be saved for your retirement time monthly.

By doing this, when people reach the age of retirement, they don’t need to worry about financial issues anymore. Because these funds will pay “the salary for your retirement”.

As I see the area where my grandparents are living, both of them have retired salary packages while other elder people who live nearby don’t have this source of income.

The life of my grandparents is totally more enjoyable and comfortable than others.

The retirement salary helps my grandparents to live safely without worrying about financial issues and they can even save a little bit of money to travel by themselves. While the other elder neighbors still need to work to earn money daily.

And even many of them are younger than my grandfather, but their facial appearance is totally older, and have poorer health. As they have so much pressure about earning money and need to work at the old ages.

This is the reason why I started to save money for my retirement fund at a young age. Because I understand how valuable it is if you have a retirement salary.

In addition, if you can start to invest in your retirement fund from a young age, the higher amount of income you will receive when you retire.

Good ways to spend money No.2: Checking account

To pay for your direct payments.

And it helps you to control and separate the amount of money you need to pay monthly directly from your bank account.

For me, this account I use to pay for direct payment such as the internet, student debts, monthly subscriptions from the services I use such as Canvas, Medium, Adobe,…

The reason why you should have it is because

  • It helps you to track how much money you need to spend monthly directly.
  • Help you to avoid the penalty fees when you pay late. (As I used to forget about direct payment and let my account run out of money for just an hour. Then, I miss the direct payment deadline and lead to being charged 15% more for the delay fee).

It was just an hour but I paid 30 dollars more because I forgot to fill up my bank account.

This is really a waste of money and leads me to make a decision to separate my checking account from another one.

So, from there, every month, I always put enough money in this account and just serve for one purpose only — to pay for my debit.

But when you keep it in the same bank account, it can ruin your financial game. Because, sometimes, when you run out of your money and forgot to add money to it for the direct payment deadline, it wastes money unnecessarily.

Good ways to spend money No.3: – Necessity account

It helps you to control your spending a lot.

And first of all, you need to have the right mindset about the difference between what you need and what you want.

“What you need” are the things you need to have for a standard living, such as food, a place to live, healthcare, transportations, facilities,…

But “What you want” are the things that you want but aren’t really necessary for your daily life, if you don’t have it, your life still keeps going on normally.

For example, people want to own a luxury bag or a supercar, but these things are not compulsory to have for anyone to survive.

And the necessity account is an account that you use to track what you need to spend daily. By doing this, it helps you to control the amount of money spent and know if we need to adjust this amount of money to spend more effectively.

If you merge this account with your main account, it makes it harder for you to track your spending on necessary things. And normally will lead to the case that you spend more money than you expected, especially on what you want rather than what you really need.

This is the reason why I can come up with tips for saving more than 2000$ per month when I studied for my master’s degree.

Good ways to spend money No.4: – The emergency fund

It will save your life during the toughest times.

It is a fund where you should have from 3–6 months your income money in, follow the author Dave Ramsey recommend in his book “The Total Money Makeover”.

So if you face any urgent problems in life such as losing your jobs, being injured, or going to the hospital, you still have a fund to pay for these demands when you can’t work to earn money.

However, personally, I believe that this amount of money should be around one year of income. So it will save you better in the tough times.

This is becoming more accurate during the Covid 19 time when many countries were in lockdown for nearly a year and millions of people lost their jobs.

If you just have 3–6 months of the emergency fund, and the Covid in your country makes you lose your income for nearly a year, you will be very struggling!

So if you don’t have an emergency yet, let’s start to make it ASAP.

It will be your own angel when you face a struggle.

Some notes when starting your emergency fund

  • It needs to be easy to access
  • Should be at least 5% of your income (or 10%) depending on your choice.
  • The more you can earn, the more you can add to your emergency fund.

Good ways to spend money No.5: Investment Fund

This is what makes you really rich, not your wage.

When you want to earn a fortune, an investment fund is what you need to have.

Because the people who want to be rich need to invest. It is not just spending their time to earn a limited wage monthly from the company they work for.

When you invest in the right strategy, you can get a lot of money into your pocket in a short period of time.

Some potential ways that you can invest

Real estate


Stock market


There are a lot of methods that you can invest your money in and get a high Return on Investment (ROI).

But the first step before getting the massive ROI is having your own investment fund.

If you don’t start to build your portfolio with an investment fund, how can you find the money to invest and get a massive outcome later on.

In the beginning, this amount of money can be just a small part of your income, around 5–10% as I recommend.

And when you start to invest with this small amount of money, it helps you to control money better and learn from investment mistakes before moving to the bigger investment.

In the investment market, you can earn more, but also can lose more. So let’s learn it carefully before doing it. But make sure to build your investment fund from now.

So when the opportunity comes, you can get it!

Final Thought

 Having money is important, but knowing how to spend it effectively is even more important.

This is the reason why there are so many athletes who are millionaires just after a couple of retired years being broken.

Because the mindset about how to spend the money from them is limited.

They don’t actually know how to use their money to make their life safe, such as investing in real estate, or buying life insurance, or putting money in 401K,…

Instead, spending their massive assets on parties, having fun and luxurious things will make this person be broke even before he can recognize it.

To sum up, I hope that the list will help you to understand more about your money and the way how you can make it work for you effectively.

Wish you all the best with your financial game!


  1. Retirement fund: Quỹ hưu trí
  2. Investment Fund: Quỹ đầu tư
  3. Checking account: Tài khoản vãng lai – là một loại tài khoản tiền gửi được mở tại ngân hàng hoặc tổ chức tài chính nào đó với mục đích là cung ứng cho những nhu cầu cá nhân an toàn và nhanh chóng.
  4. Necessity account: Tài khoản chi tiêu cần thiết, phục vụ cho nhu cầu thiết yếu mỗi ngày của bạn và gia đình, như chi phí ăn uống, xăng xe, điện thoại, tiền học…
  5. The emergency fund: Quỹ khẩn cấp
  6. ASAP: Nhanh nhất có thể (as soon as possible)