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When you understand these 5 healthy eating guidelines, you will find out that you don’t need to be vegan or have a strict diet to be healthy.

What you really need is to understand your stomach.

Just one more week, I will finish my course “Master of Trainer” from The Australia Institution of Fitness and be ready to be a PT who be trained professionally in fitness and health.

This is really cool for me when I can get this degree.

It’s not because I get this one from the top №1 Australian Fitness School but it is more about what I learned during a year in this degree. These are the knowledge related to health, how to build the body, and nutrition I learned.

And one of the most interesting things I get after learning this course is

I don’t need to be vegan or having a strict diet to be healthy and strong.

I still can enjoy what I used to and even can add some other foods that I used to think unhealthy in my diet (the foods that I love to eat too much but too scared if it can make a negative impact on my body, like milk tea, sweet snacks,…).

Because the more I understand about my body and stomach, the more things I can eat, not vice versa.

No.1 Healthy Eating Guidelines: Eat 6 meals a day instead of just 2 or 3 meals.

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Yes! That’s true.

You need to eat more to keep fit and have a healthy body, not to eat less.

This is one of the very important lessons that my teacher always reminds us in the class about how to build a healthy diet plan.

The reason is the more meals you eat, the easier your body can consume nutritions and reduce the feeling of craving — the main reason for many people eat a larger meal and normally lead to overweight.

And following the study that is published on Time Of India, it shows that

The small healthy snacks that you have during the day curb hunger till your next big meal. It helps you make sensible food choices and make healthier choices. These aides you in getting you to your desired weight goal.

Before learning about the technique to eat 6 meals a day, I always think that have fewer meals a day means I can lose weight while keeping eating more foods in each meal will help me to supply enough ingredients for my body.

But I was wrong.

And my weight told the truth!

When I just ate 3 meals a day, and eat a lot in each meal, my body weight always stays around 75, 76 kg, and have a lot of belly fat.

But when I started to apply the method that my teacher shows me, I can reduce my weight from 76 kg to now just around 69 to 71 kg.

And now, I’m eating 6 meals a day.

Moreover, the article is published on Healthline, shreds of evidence that the big meals are the reason that leads to “rapid highs and lows in blood sugar while eating smaller and more frequent meals should stabilize blood sugar levels throughout the day”.

So if you see people who have fewer meals and still have problems related to blood sugar, you can ask what they eat and how much they eat in each meal.

So you will know why!

Why you should apply this method

The reason for this method is when you eat more meals in a day, it helps you to reduce the feeling of hungry and lead to the lower food demand in-take.

Because normally, your stomach will take around 20 minutes to receive the signal that it is all full. But your mouth is not like that, it wants to be active and wants you to consume more.

So this is the reason why many people feel their mouth still wants to eat but their belly can’t receive anymore.

No.2 Healthy Eating Guidelines: Having all 5 groups of foods

Following the Australian Dietary Guideline, each person needs to have all 5 groups of foods every day include: grain, vegetables & beans, fruit, lean meat, and products from milk.

How To Have A Healthy Diet
Australian Guide To Healthy Eating

Besides, plenty of water is also a necessary part of building a healthy body when our body has 60% of water.

The big problem here is we normally equal the feeling of fullness in the stomach with the feeling of energy nutrition.

It likes you each a full big-size pizza and feels you are enough nutrition for the lunch but actually what you did is fill your stomach, not fill the nutritions for yourself.

To eat healthily, you must combine your meal with veggies, meat, fish, milk products,… as what the food guideline from the government show us.

Because your intake decides who you will become. Fatter or thinner, stronger or weaker. And this is your choice.

No.3 Healthy Eating Guidelines: Eating the things that make you feel happy

Your feeling plays an important role in the digest process.

If you don’t feel happy, it’s can impact the process you digest the nutritions.

Pro tip:

If these are unhealthy foods, you still can enjoy them, but choose to eat before 5 p.m and have at least 3 meals before having this one. This is the way how I am doing with my favorite “unhealthy snacks”.

It helps to reduce the demand for eating unhealthy food while I still can enjoy it.

For me, I’m a big fan of spicy snacks and love to eat daily. But this kind of food is very unhealthy and easy to have acne.

And to keep enjoying this food while don’t make a negative impact on my health, I choose to buy just 1 small pack a week and just eat a small part of the pack daily before 5 p.m.

It makes me feel happy when I still can enjoy junk food (in a small amount) instead of not having any of it.

No.4 Healthy Eating Guidelines: Reduce the intake of sugar, salt

Sugary and salty foods are the rival of a healthy diet.

The foods with high salt and sugar can lead to many issues related to health while these are the 2 favorite ingredients for many kinds of foods, from milk tea, cakes, to honey chicken or salty fried fish,…

Dr. Zachary Bloomgarden, professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City explained that

Sugar is bad for you because it has calories, and because if you have diabetes or a diabetes-related condition — let’s say high blood fat levels — then having sugar will increase your blood sugar and your triglycerides, which is a risk factor for heart disease. (Triglycerides are a type of fat in the blood.)

While salty foods make your blood pressure be increase because salt holds excess fluid in your body which leads to the added burden on your heart.

Moreover, salty foods are also one of the main reasons that lead to a higher risk of stroke, heart failure, stomach cancer, kidney disease,…

Therefore, for me, I try to quit putting any salt in my foods if I cook at home all the time.

You can’t control sugar and salt intake in the restaurant but you can control in your own kitchen.

It makes the food can be a little bit less yummy but totally great for your heart and body.

Sometimes, we need to quit some unnecessary things to achieve real good things.

No.5 Healthy Eating Guidelines: Workout more often

The best natural multivitamin you can have for free is your daily exercise.

Following the research of gastroenterologists from Manhattan, exercises frequently will help the digestive tract works more effectively, and even can help to treat constipation.

Because when you’re fit, the amount of blood diverted from your digestive system decreases because the need is less urgent. Your muscles are more efficient when you’re in shape.

It helps you to increase the metabolic process in your body more effectively without requiring you to add multivitamin drinks.

For me, I keep maintaining workout twice a day for years. One time in the morning is a quick workout for 30 minutes to make me feel fresh and enjoy the day better.

Another time is for 1 hour in the afternoon after finishing working. It helps me to relax and stretching full body after a hard-working day.

And the interesting thing I noticed when having the habit of workout twice a day is when I work out, I feel more enjoyable eating and feel fresh all day.

But when I quit workout for a day (could be because of traveling or being too busy), I feel tired and less enjoyable to eat while preferring unhealthy food intake.

This is the reason that I always try to maintain the habit of workout daily. Because it does not only make me feel more fresh and healthy but also makes me eat more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

Now, you can find a lot of instructions from the internet about how to build a healthy diet.

Each of them has its own benefits.

But the idea of eating less or just focusing on eating on one or two groups of foods is not the right way to approach a healthy diet.

And you shouldn’t equal eat fewer foods to lose weight equal healthy when you are overweight.

The real healthy diet is the diet that makes you feel enjoy to eat, that help you to lose weight/or gain weight (depend on your demand) and make yourself to be stronger and feel happier.

If it can’t make these things, you should consider having a new diet now to have a real healthy one.

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