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These are 10 important life lessons that finally I learned when I turn to 26s that totally change the way how I think and work.

How do you feel when you turn 26? Do you feel you be older and need to be stable or do you feel full of energy and enthusiasm because you find out your own goals to chase?

Being in the middle of your 20s somehow like you are riding a bike up to the middle of the hills.
You can see your destination (your life goals) be clearer than when you stay on the ground but you also know that you need to keep working harder if you want to reach the top of the hill.

Each of us will have different feelings when we reach this age. While some of your friends will think that this is a good age to be stable with a good job, have a family; some will start to save to invest or buy the first house; some will spend time to reflex on what they did during their first 26th years.

To see what good, what bad happened in their lives and figure out what needs to do next to make the following years to be better and achieve more goals in life.

So, how about you? What important life lessons did you learn that make you feel the most valuable when you are 26?

For me, there are a lot of life lessons that I learned and feel very appreciated when I can understand them before I turn 26.

And the following list is what I consider as the most valuable lessons that I have until now.

1. When you are in the middle of your 20s, you need to think seriously about your life and future

You are not a kid anymore, but an adult full of life experiences is still not yet.

You are someone in the between of both.

At this age, you have a lot of energy and enthusiasm as a young person, and you try to look for more experiences in life to fill up your soul and your mind.

But this is also the time you need to think seriously about who you want to be and what life you want to have. Ask yourself if the job you are doing is what you really want, or your dream is to be your own boss who opens a coffee shop, or making your own novels, or being a businessman.

Many people at this age (or even older) think that a job with a good salary is enough (even they don’t like it and feel extremely happy when coming into the weekend while feeling tired and lose mood when Monday comes).

And the reality is more than 80% of staff hate their job and want to be their own boss.

But if you can figure out what do you want to achieve at the age of 20s, you are helping yourself to get out of this rat race. Let clear about what you really want to do in your life, what can make you feel excited to wake up and proud to talk about instead of using the money as the calculation for your success and happy life.

2. You need to learn how to be positive in any circumstance

This is the first and most important thing that you need to own when you reach this age.

Because we all don’t know what can happen in the future, every day we all face the risk of good or bad things that can happen. And if you don’t learn to have a positive mindset that helps you go through hard times.

You will be lost by the tough circumstance.

How To Do It

Having a positive mindset is the same way you build up your muscle.

It means that you need to grow it every day and make it to be your habit.

Because in your mind, you have around 60,000 thoughts a day, and around 80% of them can be negative and repeated (if you don’t control your mind).

The main key to making it happen is having your positive goals and keeping following them, doesn’t matter how hard the journey you are going on. The more concentration you put on the current circumstance, the more likely you will feel negative about the things you are facing.

So don’t do it, and let focus on your final goal instead.

Like the way, I told myself every day to help me reframe the mindset to focus on the final goals instead of the present hard situation. Let check this blog if you want to know more about the way how you can reframe your mindset to crush your goals better. 

No.3 important life lessons: Learn to take responsibility

Take responsibility for all the things that happen in your life

Because you are already old enough to think and decide what you should do and shouldn’t do in your life.

You can’t ask your parents to take responsibility for you anymore as you made mistakes when you were a kid. Your life now belongs to your decision. When you make the right choices, you will get good results.

And when you make wrong choices and lead to failures, let think these are your valuable lessons in life.

Don’t blame others for the results you get in your life. You deserve it. But let make it better the next time.

4. You need to have a better plan to achieve any goal you want

Let remember around 15 years ago, have you ever thought that one day, you can buy a car that is fully run electricity and can self-drive for you in just the next 15 years?

Most of us can’t think about this future at that time, around 2005. But now, Tesla already can make this dream come true.

And your goal also somehow has the same way as Tesla grows.

It means if you want something really happen (even everyone thinks it is impossible to achieve). You just need to have a good plan and really work on it.

Then you will get whatever you want.

5. Be grateful for all the things that happen in your life, both good and bad

Life is full of up and down.

This is the way how we live. And life just balances for the dead people. So if you face the good or the bad things that happen to you, always keep in mind that this is a part of life.

By having these thoughts, you will easily go through the tough times in your life and feel grateful for the things that you experienced rather than fall down because bad things happened.

No.6 important life lessons: Self-improvement daily by learning new things

Learning is a life-long process benefit.

It helps you to learn valuable lessons from great people all over the world by reading, listening, or watching the contents about them.

By doing this, you can save many years of trial and error and go faster to achieve your goals.

And for me, I did it by listening to the Youtube videos from Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Grant Cardone,… when I doing exercise. And also spend at least one hour per day reading books as well.

Some of the good books I’m reading now are “Your Money Or Your Life, The 10x Rule, Key Person of Influence,…”.

Finish your school life doesn’t mean finish study. The more things you want to achieve in life, the more you need to learn.

7. Don’t promise if you can’t sure 99% you can do it

We want to make a promise to evidence with others that we can do something. And that’s a good motivation for you to focus and work on your goals.

But it is more important to keep your promise because it shows your personality.

So, if you don’t sure about the things you are going to do, and you just want to show off with others by your promise, it looks like a double-edged sword to ruin your reputation when you can’t keep the promise.

So let carefully when you decide to promise to achieve something in front of others. You don’t need to promise to achieve it, just do it to evidence for what you said, this is the best way.

8. Your family is the most valuable asset in your life (not money or title)

When we are young, we all want to show off with the world that we are the best when we have a lot of money or a title such as CEO at the age of 20s.

It is great if you can achieve these things early in your 20s, but the more important thing that you need to care about is your family.

I know some friends who are always busy with their work and try to earn money as much as they can, and they rarely come back to their hometown to visit their family or have phone calls together.

And the gap in the relationship between the member of the family day-by-day become larger when the conversations are less and replace by dollars they give each other as gifts on special occasions.

But actually, money or material gift is not the thing that can really build a good relationship between family members.

The only thing that can do it is the real connections between members.

Just 30 minutes a day for a family reunion by calling or having dinner together will help your relationship with family members maintain positively and make you feel happier in your life.

9. Most of the time, the best things will come just after the worst things happen, so never quit.

There is a harsh reality that we never know when we will be successful, or when the worse things will stop happening to us and are replaced by good things.

If you are facing tough times when you are chasing your dream now, maybe tomorrow you will face more struggles on your journey.

Or you will start to receive the benefits from what you did for your dream.

We all don’t know.

But I know that if you quit today when you are facing struggles, you will never meet the success that you are looking for.

Because success and failure always go together.

And most of the time, success comes later than failure, and if you quit, you just can meet one — it means failure.

No.10 important life lessons: You always have 2 characters inside you

One will encourage, challenge you to do the hard things that grow you — I call it is “Positive character”.

One will always tell you to stop doing things; make everything easy, and live in your comfort zone — I call it is “Negative character”.

You will experience it whenever you think or work on any topic. Apart from your mind will encourage you to do it while another part of your mind will tell you don’t do it.

When you understand that inside you always have 2 characters, let put your focus on the positive character more often, doing the things it recommends rather than being impacted by the negative character.

By doing this, you will see more opportunities in life that you didn’t notice before when you be impacted by the negative character.

Final thoughts about the important life lessons in the 20s

For some people, they feel like they reach their top hill at the age of 26 when they already have a family, a career, and feel comfortable with it.

But for many, the age of 26 is just in the middle of the hill, when we are old enough to recognize the goals we really want to achieve in life, and understand that what really values to us.

And the list of “10 important life lessons everyone should learn in the 20s” just like a mirror reflection that I recognize in the first half of the way I went to reach the top of (my life goal) hill.

To share with you what I believe are the most valuable things each of us should recognize in our lives when we reach this age. Many of them can totally fit with you, some maybe you don’t feel like and want to change with another factor.

That’s all right, at least you can recognize that you have already gone half of your (life goal) hill and need to be more serious with your life is already so good.

You already stand in the middle of the (goal life) hill, look back to feel inspired and motivate to keep going, don’t feel regret about what you did.

Life is going and learning.


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