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How to increase your brain power in 2024?

It’s stupidly easy to apply to increase your brain power but it doesn’t mean that anyone can do.

Control the mind power is one of the most difficult things to do in the world. But it also brings the best benefit for our life when we can control what happens inside our minds.

Because our mind is a superb source that has full of the amazing potential that even the top smartest people in the world just only can use 9 –10% of its ability.

But there is one thing that I believe anyone can do, we can adjust the way how we use our minds to think more positively and work more effectively on the things that make our life to be better.

For me, understanding how the mind works and trying to apply good habits to adjust the mindset to be positive and help me to grow more in life is my primary priority.

Although each person will have different abilities and talents. But we all need the same thing to be successful, this is the right mindset.

“Our mindset will decide 80% of our success, and just 20% from the skills” — Tony Robbins

Let have a look surrounding you, do you see a lot of people who are working very hard while still don’t earn enough money for standard living?

Yes, we have a lot of people like that in the world. It’s not because they are too bad for success, or because they are not lucky enough. This is mainly because they use their mind power in the wrong way.

When we go in the wrong direction, obviously, we can’t achieve the things we want although we have a lot of potential powers. And the mindset is your compass, so if your compass is wrong, how can you target where is the ocean, where is the forest!

The following methods are the ways that I apply for myself roughly a year until now to adjust my “compass” — my mind, to do the right thing for me that can lead to the wanted results.

It helps to change my life a lot when I become more positive with anything that happens in my life; have bigger goals and am ready to put more hard work to achieve the things I want.

1. To Increase Your Brain Power: Daily grow mind with positive information and self-learning

What do you do the first thing in the morning when you wake up?

Do you scroll Facebook or Insta?

Or do you spend some more minutes sleeping?

Or do you hurry to work or school because of waking up late?

Or do you make something to inspire your mind?

For me, there is a couple of motivational speech videos on Youtube that I listen to when I just wake up. While I brush my teeth, my eyes still close but my mind is waking up with the speeches or Toby Robbins, Gary Vee, Grant Cardone,…

Their success stories give my mind the fuel for starting the day, as we all know the tough time will create tough characters. And successful people are the people who always see the opportunities and positive things in negative situations.

And the stories about their journey to achieve success that helps to inspire and build up a positive character in my mind. It helps to strengthen my brain before starting a day with a lot of things happen, some things can be good, many will be bad.

But I know that the things that happen in my day are

“The life lessons to help me grow more in life”, as Gary Vee said.

The idea of adapting positive information daily to improve mind power is a method that is verified by a lot of scientists around the world when it comes to benefits for the brain.

As Mr. Brian Tracy said, “In fact, the idea that your mind can change your world almost seems too good to be true”. And it will happen when you have a positive mind.

To do it, one of the most important steps is to put more positive input into your life by reading, watching, and consuming more positive content. Within the mind that has full of positive thoughts, this is an amazing weapon to help anyone can get over any obstacles that happen in life to achieve success.

2. To Increase Your Brain Power: Try to avoid all the negative news around.

Because I understand that the more negative information I consume, the easier my mind to be negative.

Do you like to watch the news? If you say YES, well, it’s all good. But you should rethink it soon.

Controlling Mind Power Is Your Life-Changing Game
Photo by Simone Daino on Unsplash

The breaking news helps us to update the information all over the world, and I used to like to watch it daily. However, there is a reality that the news is always full of negative information, from terrorism to viruses, thefts, crimes,…

Because these kinds of information actually are the most attractive to the audiences. Everyone wants to blame the bad things that happen and use it as the reasons why their lives are full of drama; because of the government policies, the laws, the economic crisis, etc.

YES! That’s all right for you to blame the bad luck you have based on the negative news. But can you change your situation if you blame more on the negative things surrounding you?

The answer is NO!

Blaming the negative things from the news doesn’t make your life to be better. It makes your brain feel lost, and step-by-step make your mind believe that you don’t have any power to change your life because the society where you are living has full of negative things.

And when you let it really happen, you already lost the power to control your mind away from the negative information that you consume from the news.

How we can change it?

You can change by stopping watching the negative news on social media or TV. As I do, normally I don’t check the TVs or social media of news channels because I know that I will get into a lot of negative information.

Instead, I just try to find good and positive pieces of content to consume on the Internet, from Youtube videos, Medium, or some blogs with good content on it.

And if something is urgent or necessary to be noticed, luckily, I have a lot of good friends on Facebook and Instagram where they will update the hottest news for me if I need to pay more attention to, such as the new rule in Melbourne for lockdown during COVID 19.

3. To Increase Your Brain Power: Set a specific time to focus on the specific tasks.

4 Principles to Follow That Increase Your Mind Power
Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

It helps my mind to really focus on the thing that matters at a specific time.

Concentration is super important, especially when you want to increase your productivity and achieve more things in a limited time.

So, instead of letting thing happens, I always try to arrange everything in advance in the night before or do it as the first thing in the morning.

It helps my mind to know exactly what I can expect to do and focus on the specific time in a day. Therefore, my mind is always in a proactive situation to face any issue that happens in the day.

And not only do I do but also a lot of millionaires and billionaires in the world are doing the same way.

They separate their daily tasks and focus on the specific task at a specific time as a way to help them maximize their productivity and focus ability.

4. To Increase Your Brain Power: Using obsession technique

This is a new technique that I learned and applied last 6 months from a book name “Be Obsessed or be average” by Grant Cardone.

This technique basically means everyone will have their own obsession with something in life.

And if you can adjust your mind to be obsessed with the positive things that can bring success and happiness to you, let do it. And if you are obsessed with the negative things, let stop it and start to learn to obsess on something better.

Grant Cardon used to admit that he is obsessed with drugs and spends time doing the poor things because it helps him to feel better about himself a little bit, but makes him lose everything else.

Then when he self-recognized he doesn’t want to live this terrible life, he started to adjust his mind to be obsessed with success and his million-dollar dream.

So he can work harder on himself daily as the motivation from his obsession. And now, he becomes a well-known social media influencer, a top public speaker, and a millionaire with thousands of apartments for rent.

Everything just comes from his adjustment in mind obsession.

Final thought

These are the four methods that I apply for myself, some last for years, some just newly established for the last couple of months.

But when all of them are combined together, they give me a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm in my mind that helps me to go through a lot of tough times while still keep working and believing in my entrepreneurship road.

And I hope that these methods will be in some ways help you to figure out what is the best thing to do for you to control your mind power and help you achieve more things in life.

If you want to read more about personal development topics, let check it out at “Wiki Personal Development”.


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The apple value increases rapidly during the pandemic, and there are so many secret sauces that you can figure out from the business aspect for this case.

Source image: New York Times

Apple reaches $1 trillion in value in 8/2018, 42 years after its founding.

And at the beginning of the pandemic, the value of the company falls down to under $1 trillion in the middle of March before going to double to $2 trillion on Wednesday 19/08/2020.

Everything just happens in 21 weeks.

So actually, what happened that makes this company gain massive value during this tough time — in the middle of a pandemic — when thousands of other companies declared bankruptcy?

This is a big question that I wondered about myself a lot after I read the news about the value of Apple getting over $2 trillion last week.

And it encouraged me to do tons of research about this company and figure out 3 very interesting lessons about how this company can reach that big size to share with you in my Wiki Business blog series.

1. Diversity the Products

When you think about Apple, you have more than iPhone to talk about.

The company, founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, that have many decades of innovation with a lot of popular items as the Macintosh Computer, The iPod, Macbook, Ipad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, App Store, and even the streaming services for movies, news, and TV programs.

Photo by AB on Unsplash

The variety of products help this brand to build an ecosystem surrounding it. An extreme advantage that doesn’t many companies have and help the customers keep buying and using more frequently the products of Apple.

When I recognize this, I look back to my room to see what I have from Apple. And even I’m not tech-savvy, I see myself are using a lot of stuff from Apple and paid for this brand a lot.

From the iPhone that I used which Apple Store installed to the Macbook Air I use to work and entertainment, to the earphone from this brand, Ipad, and the Apple Watch. It looks like Apple covers most of the needs for me (and many people) from the working, entertainment, healthcare (with Apple Watch) demands.

This strategy makes the brand to be an integral part of many people, including me, and encourages our loyalty with the brand to be stronger.

2. Using stock buyback strategy

This is the strategy that Apple did for years when using its own money to buy its stocks.

Having $200 billion in cash with a net-cash balance (after debt) of roughly $100 billion, Apple is knowns as one of the companies that have the biggest cash piles in America that can use to play the game “buyback stock” that others smaller companies can’t do.

Following the NYTimes, from the time when the company reaches $1 trillion in value, it has “returned $175.6 billion to shareholders, including $141 billion in stock buybacks”.

And also “repurchased more than $360 billion of its own shares since 2012, by far the most of any company, and has announced plans to spend at least tens of billions of dollars more on Apple stock”.

It helps to reduce the risks of stocks falling down when the company can play a significant role as the stock buyer to maintain the stability of the stock price on the market.

3. The positive impact of COVID 19

The pandemic makes people value tech stocks higher than normal.

When the COVID 19 just exploded, Apple stock also falls down rapidly as a result of the global stock market being impacted (The S&P 500 dropped 7% in March) to lower than $1 trillion in the middle of March.

But Apple and many other big names such as Tesla, Amazon quickly gain value back when the investors expected more from the growth of these companies.

One of the key reasons is the demands of users for the apps, tech products, and digital/remote services increase rapidly during the quarantine time when everyone stays at home and just can connect with the world by the internet and online services.

Moreover, the lockdown from pandemics leads to thousand of Apple stores being virtual. It helps the brand can save a huge amount of money that needs to spend for locations, manager fees while just needing to focus on online retails.

For Apple, the pandemic actually brings more benefits rather than issues for this brand.

And the clearest evidence is just in 21 weeks, this brand already can increase its value double to $2 trillion dollars and become the world’s most valuable company

Take away from apple value lessons:

For me, after doing the research about the way how Apple works so well during the pandemic and grow the value rapidly.

There are several takeaway lessons that I can learn from Apple about how to build up a massive success, especially in the struggle time as this COVID 19 pandemic.

  • The diversity in products and services created an ecosystem for users.

  • The Buyback stock strategy.

  • COVID 19 impacts on the investment decision of investors (More demands on the tech blue-chip company that makes stock prices soared).

  • The reduction in physical stores helps to reduce fees while online retail to be more thrive.

This is a great example for any company to see the opportunity in a tough circumstance.

It means that if you have the right way to approach and a good strategy to develop and market, even the hardest time you face, you still can make it to be the most profitable time.

Disclaim: All the information here be collected from the news sources and analyzed based on the personal point of view of the author. This is just for information purposes only. If you want to use this information for making a decision on investment with this brand, make sure to ask your professional advisors before doing it.


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These are the mindset methods to help you can build a growth mindset and achieve your dream goals more effectively.

Have you ever experienced the feelings that your goal always goes around in your mind? Whenever you go to work, have meals, workout, or even in your dream it also appears?

If it really happens to you, it means that your goal is becoming a part of your life. And your mind, your body wants you to admit it and work harder to achieve it.

And for me, whatever my goal is, if it appears in my mind all the time, I understand that this goal needs to be achieved.

However, there is a reality that, we normally have the goals that we feel over our ability to achieve at the beginning.

And somehow, we just “hope” that the goal can happen on a nice day, but deep in our souls, we never think that it can happen to us.

Because we feel like it is too great to be true.

And if you start at the bottom point, where you don’t have the family that can support you, don’t have knowledge, skills, and relationships that you think you need to have to make your goal come true, it makes the belief that this goal can really happen become smaller in you.

I totally understand this feeling, because I used to face it many years ago when I start my journey to be a content creator.

My content creator game started in my mind in 2017. However,

At that time, I didn’t know anything about digital marketing, video content, CPM, content creation process,…

But what I know is I want to learn all of them, and it must be from the top education in the world to help me have the best understanding about being a great content creator who can share the most valuable content for free to everyone by using the Internet.

This goal is really too ambitious for a boy who doesn’t know anything about digital content creation until 22 years old and doesn’t speak English as well.

But after I set this goal for myself, until now, this is 4 years.

And I finally graduated with my master’s of “Global Media and Communication” from the University of Melbourne, the №1 University in Australia, and the top 32 of the world.

Now, finally, I can create fluently digital content, from writing to video format, from optimized SEO to optimized Ads,…

For me, to be understood and do a good job in digital marketing, especially social media marketing in just 4 years is incredible, and be graduated from one of the best universities all over the world is my dream goal come true.

To achieve this goal, I went through a lot of tough times when I mistrust myself if I am good enough to learn in this field from the top University and can turn it into my dream career or not.

So I totally understand if you are having a great goal that you always dream about but also feel scared when you feel you are not good enough to get it.

And let be honest, to achieve whatever your goal is, the most important thing that I figure out to do is change “the mindset”.

Why is your growth mindset really important?

Because when you have the right mindset and the appropriate number of time, you can achieve whatever you desire to have in life.

Personally, these are 3 sentences that I addicted to using during the last 4 years when the first time I put my goal to be graduated from the top global university about the media and communication field.

I need to admit that these 3 sentences look very simple but when you remind it daily, as I do, in the morning just after waking up and in the evening before I go to bed, every single day.

It likes the hypnotism to change my mind and the way how I approach my goal rapidly that I never imagine that these simple sentences can create that big impact on my mind.

And I also have a strong belief that if you try to apply these sentences to your mind daily, you will see the massive impact on the way you think about your goals and help you to find better ways to approach them.

1. Understand mindset methods:

“You can do it. You just use 10% of your mental ability. Let boost it up”

This is the first sentence that I always remind myself firstly every day when I wake up.

Because I want both my conscious and unconscious mind to get this signal every day. So I can try to do more things to achieve my dream goals without the concern that maybe my brain has negative impacts because I use it too much.

Following the research of Harvard University, our brain has the unlimited ability and it can grow to be faster and work better when we train it daily.

Therefore, when trying to approach the tough goal, instead of thinking that this goal is too hard to achieve or impossible, let train your brain to start to work on it.

For me, I tell myself that I just use 10% of my brain as a way to encourage myself daily that I still haven’t fully discovered all my abilities to achieve my goal yet.

And in the old belief, it said that we just can use 10% of brain ability. However, from the recent declaration from the Harvard doctor study, there is no scientific evidence that our brain is used in 10%, it can be higher or lower, depending on the person.

But there is a reality that the brain’s ability is unlimited and if we use the right way to grow and develop it, we can make its capability to be better.

So instead of suspect about your brain ability, let talk to yourself “You can do it. You just use 10% of your mental ability. Let boost it up”, and spend the time to focus on achieving your goal instead.

2. Understand mindset methods:

Let be honest together. So many times I skipped my schedule because of laziness and feel uncomfortable working on it.

But the reality is if you want to achieve the big goal, like for me to study at the top University about the major I want to work later as my career, it all required us to put a lot of hard works into it. And laziness and uncomfortable can’t help you to achieve this kind of big goal.

As there are a hundred times I did pre-English tests, many self-education hours to prepare for interviews, and a lot of unnamed tasks I did for nearly a year to achieve this goal.

And when you stay in today to work on the things that can take you years to achieve the goal, the feeling of vague and tired is unavoidable, but you need to learn to get over all of these feelings.

And to stop worrying about the uncertain things that can happen in the future, let choose to live in the present. It means that every single day let always remind yourself that

“Let make all the tasks today done. That’s it!”.

This is one of the best mindset methods that helped me to just focus on the tasks I have on this day, and stop to think about the uncertain future.

Then, I feel enjoy the moments when I finish a day, look back in my journal, and recognize that all the tasks I need to do in a day be completed.

It creates fulfill feelings in my mind; as fuel for my inner engine to continue to run substantially toward my big goal.

However, completing all the goals on time is a big issue that many people can’t control. If you want to know more about the way you can save your time and make it more effective. Let check this blog “4 Simple Ways You Can Do Immediately To Protect Your Time”.

Let give yourself a maximum of 10 minutes a day to think about the future of complement.

Think about the positive impacts that will happen in your life when you can achieve your goal. Don’t focus on how hard it is to get the goal, just focus on the great and positive things that you can get.

This is the mindset method that helps me to refuel my energy when studying English and prepare the documents and certifications to get the entrance requirement for my master’s degree in “Global Media and Communication” at this University.

I still remember these days, I spend around 10 hours a day just learning English and preparing the documents, every single day for roughly a year. And if I said I enjoy it, not exhausted, it means I’m telling a lie.

The reality is very harsh when you need to spend so many hours doing tasks daily for the goal that you just can see the result after a year. And what I did during this time to feel more positive is think about what it will look like when I achieve this goal.

Normally, I spend around 10 minutes a day thinking about it.

Think about my opportunity to learn from the top educational environment in the world, think about the chance to meet and greet with a lot of interested people; and learn from the top experts in my field that help my dream to be a great content creator become true.

Although it is all about imagination at this time, it is super important for me because it gives me a lot of energy to continue my journey to achieve this goal.

As William Arthur Ward used to say:

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.

So whatever your goal is, just try to imagine how it looks like when you get it. And always keep your mind to be positive about the ability you can achieve your goal. This will be the decisive factor for your goal to come true.

These three sentences I shared with you about the mindset methods are my great sources of input that I use daily to help me keep that positive vibes on my ambitious goals.

And it doesn’t matter how big your goal be if you can have the right mindset and a strong belief in yourself about it. Whatever you can dream of, you can get it.

The sentences I shared with you that can be used as a panacea for the mindset daily, to help you build the bigger and stronger belief from inside to chase your ambitious goals which can take you years to complete.

A strong mindset will be your fuel to help you run on this marathon journey.

Best wishes to you and hope that these mindset methods will help you to achieve your dream faster and make you live a better life.

Use These Reframe Mindset Methods to Crush Your Goals
Photo by Ty Williams on Unsplash


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